You have probably heard indoor plants can clean your air by absorbing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), push them through their root system and essentially gobbling them up – tasty! There are, however, some lesser known but equally as impressive benefits to keeping indoor plants in your home and workplace.


  • Biophillia –
    • From the Greek words meaning Bio - “life” and philia – “love or affection”. It is in our biology to connect with nature. With the average Australian now spending up to 90% of our time indoors, it makes sense to want to bring the outdoors in. We are now seeing large inner city park lands, shopping malls, universities and more incorporating biophilic designs into their architecture. The Green Building Council of Australia supports the sustainability of buildings with indoor greenery potentially adding points to your rating!


  • Clearer thinking and less illness -
    • Multiple studies and research have been done to confirm that indoor plants reduce our stress, anxiety and depression whilst increasing our productivity. They can assist in faster recovery times from injury and reduce workplace illness rates by up to 60%. Horticultural therapy is now starting to make a come back to the diagnosis of many mental health issues.


  • Improves your business image –
    1. Not only will plants in your space benefit your employees, they will also have an impact on your clients and customers. Indoor foliage can create a perception of a company or business that values sustainability, their staff and enhances a trusting and welcoming vibe into the space. Plants can be used to stabilize temperature and humidity reducing your carbon footprint, whilst strategically placed plants can also assist in noise control and reduction. You can see more on this here.